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Harmony Hypnosis - Sheffield

Customer reviews

The best thing I’ve ever done, if you’re debating on doing it, just do it you won’t regret it. Therapist is lovely. Knows what he’s talking about. Helped me out so much

Ellis. Online client

Owen is absolutely fantastic, his technique is second to none. I came as a sceptic and left a believer.
I cannot recommend his service highly enough.

Paul. Sheffield

The hypnotherapy sessions with Owen were a really positive experience. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. The discussions we had really helped to change the way I feel about problems and insecurities, and helped me look at things from a different perspective. If you want to live a more optimistic life, I would highly recommend it!

Sue. Online client

Whatever you need support with, whether that be sorting out stuff that’s holding you back or working towards goals you’re setting yourself, Owen can help. 100% recommend.

Catherine. Online client

Found my sessions with Owen really helpful, he put me at ease, was very knowledgeable and patient with me and I would highly recommend him.

Fiona. Online client

Highly professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole experience! It was my first time experiencing hypnotherapy and Owen made it a great one. I had 10+ sessions and i would highly recommend Owen to anybody! 10/10

Tom. Online client

This time last year I was at my lowest and darkest I have ever been with anxiety, with about 6/7 sessions with Owen I couldn’t believe the difference, I still have bad moments/days but something just clicks and I remember things from my hypno sessions, would defo recommend

Helen. Online client

Owen really helped me to get back into competing again, I would highly recommend. The tips and advice he gave me helped me focus and keep calm, thanks a lot.

Scott (competitive strongman). Sheffield

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If you are looking for a hypnotherapist, in my opinion, you cannot do better than contacting Owen Grazebrook.
He is excellent at his job, very knowledgeable about how the brain works and he explains everything in a manner you can understand.
I have found his treatment and advice very helpful and have managed to overcome all my problems and anxiety which I have suffered with for years.
In my opinion his treatment has been nothing short of miraculous.

Sandra, Stocksbridge

Despite my initial skepticism, the positive change in my outlook after just a couple of months of sessions was remarkable.

I can’t recommend Harmony Hypnosis enough, especially if you feel like ‘traditional’ talking therapies aren’t making enough of a difference.

Adam, Sheffield

I felt so much better afterwards and sleeping is good again now. Amazing experience, thank you so much.

Nigel (former winner of Mr Universe). Sheffield

Owen is extremely professional and has an open and friendly manner and I find the therapy not only relaxing and enjoyable but insightful. At a particularly stressful time I have learnt some techniques and taken elements from my experiences during the therapy which I am sure will help me going forward. With Owen’s help I have been able to learn to try to adjust my response to things out of my control. I can highly recommend.

Christine. Online client

I’ve had a number of sessions with Owen and how he’s helped me. Guidance, patience, compassion, with a very much solution based focus. He’s aided me to adapt my outlook and perspective very quickly, allowing me to create a life with more positivity than I’ve known before. Thank you Owen 🙂

RACHEL. Online client

A lighthouse to guide you in the storm. Highly recommend.

LAURA. Online client

This hypnotherapy has changed my life, before i felt like everyone was above me and my self worth was at rock bottom.
After 6 sessions a massive weight was lifted and suddenly my perspective had changed.
Confidence is no longer an issue and my self esteem is healthy. I can not recommend this hypnotherapy enough, more people should be aware of the benefits.

Gavin. Sheffield

I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Owen during lockdown and it was incredibly beneficial. Owen is a great therapist inspiring calmness and wisdom. The technique really helps to restore mental and emotional balance. It’s a great tool to silence all the noises and concerns from the outside world and find the path to that inner peace spot within us. I definitely recommend it and can’t thank him enough. Hope more people can benefit from his talent.

Ligia. Online client

Dear YOU,
If you’re reading this probably you are looking for an opinion about therapy with Owen.
I am not gonna write down anything new then others who’re saying positive things about this experience.. because it is all TRUE. If you wanna finally start living full of joy and enthusiasm I recommend you to meet Owen. He is truly a great therapist and person. If you are scared or have doubts he will help you to pass this along. I wish you all the best on your new fantastic adventure!

Kamila. Online client

I’ve started my journey with Owen 3 months ago and I can literally say it is life changing experience. Being honest I never thought about therapy and never thought that someone who doesn’t know you personally can have such a positive impact in a short period of time.

Robert. Online client

An excellent place for hypnotherapy. Already 4 sessions in and I can feel myself getting better, I would recommend Owen’s services for anyone looking for a good and effective experience regarding this 🙂

Barnabe. Paris & Sheffield

Owen is brilliant after my sessions with him I’ve seen a massive improvement in the rest of my life. I came into this at a pretty difficult time in my life and I needed something to push me to get my act together. Some are changes I’ve personally made but a lot of it is to do with these sessions and looking at the way I approach situations. I feel calmer and more level headed. I’ve found with this change in myself, things have started to go right. I’m so glad I decided to try out hypnotherapy. Owen is easy to chat to and I always feel comfortable.

Ellie. Online client

Very good service, has helped me more than I could imagine and has also helped me improve my lifestyle by far and become a better person, I highly recommend to anyone struggling with absolutely anything, I may feel nervous going but always feel glad I’ve gone afterwards

Michael. Sheffield

I’ve had a number of hypnosis sessions with Owen and found them to be very beneficial. He is very approachable and has a high level of integrity, which made me feel like I could relax and trust him. He is very knowledgeable about how the mind works and shares it in a very clear way. He is very practical and any advice he gave me made a lot of sense. I would strongly recommend Owen to anyone wanting to use hypnosis to change their lives in a positive way.

EMMA. Online client

I highly recommend Owen for helping you to explore yourself through hypnotherapy. He is very patient with a good listening ear. He helps to tap into your subconscious and opens therapeutic layers within yourself. 10/10 from me.

Ali. Online client

I found Owen very professional and he put me at ease
I had treatment for smoking and really pleased with the outcome
I would recommend Owen to anyone

Robert. Rotherham

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