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The power of belief

Dec 1, 2021

“If you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you can create yourself” Carl Jung 

 If you don’t believe in yourself then let me tell you that now is the time to start.

Belief is something that we often take for granted…which seems quite obvious because why challenge something if you are convinced that it’s true? This can work for us or against us and any psychotherapist worth his or her salt will listen out for and identify what are called limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs (which are sometimes referred to as schema’s) are pre-conceived idea’s that become beliefs and then become hard wired in our brains. A common example of a limiting belief would be “I am tone deaf so I can’t learn an instrument”. Of the billions of people who have said this, many will have even tried an instrument and given up soon after because the effort involved in learning something new confirmed their pre existing belief.

The truth is that anyone can lean an instrument, at least to a reasonable standard, if they practice. The brain is capable of restructuring according to what we feed into it. This is something called neuroplasticity; in other words, your brain is plastic and you have the power to mould it.

A limiting belief can prevent you from innumerable opportunities in life and sometimes they are more detrimental than being able to learn an instrument. Your beliefs can filter all the way down through to your physical health…ever heard of the placebo effect? Studies have shown us that if you truly believe a medical treatment to work then there is a much higher probability that it will, even if you’ve been given a sugar pill. Your body responds to your thoughts and beliefs.

Although there are lots of studies showing that people can get better even after being given a placebo, at the other extreme end are reports of followers of the Voodoo religion in Africa. There are numerous reports of people becoming seriously ill or even dying when a curse or a spell has been cast on them. Because the superstitious victim believes that they are cursed, the body soon follows. As I said, don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts!

Everything starts with a thought and you can set yourself back with judgements, self doubts or criticisms.

Judgements, doubt’s and criticisms are the kinds of thoughts that develop into limiting beliefs and rarely lead to positive outcomes.

Be careful with your own self talk. We are always chattering to ourselves in our heads, so consider the kinds of things you say to yourself; are they kind and open or are they cynical and critical?

Why not tell yourself now that you believe in yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

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